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Renata Schmult

Sound Designer       Mixer       Editor

Renata Schmult is an undergrad student at the University of Michigan's Performing Arts Technology Department in the School of Music with a concentration in film audio. Currently, she is working at U of M's audio studios in the Duderstadt Center as an audio assistant and is frequently the sound designer, sound editor, composer, production and post-production mixer, re-recording mixer, and boom op for films. Most recently, she worked on the animated short Effervescence as the co-creator, sound designer, and composer. The short won Best Sound at the Animated Expressions Expo and Best Sound Design at Play Short International Film Awards this year. Additional projects include the student short film Tony Can't Speak French, where Renata was the sound designer, dialog editor, re-recording mixer, production sound mixer, and boom op. Becoming BFA, where she worked as the sound designer, music composer, post-production sound mixer, re-recording mixer, and dialog editor, and Mobstrology, where she was the dialog editor and additional sound editor. Renata is an avid field recordist and is always adding to her sound libraries for future projects and re-designs. She also composes original music in her free time and occasionally does it for films such as Becoming BFA and Effervescence. 

Sound designer, Mixer, and Editor Renata Schmult
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